Shaping the Future of Europe is an online Youth Summit bringing together youth, youth organisations and organisations working with youth from across Europe and around the world. The Youth Summit will provide a platform for youth organisations and youth engaging across the continent to shape the future of Europe and bring forward their voices and their solutions on the most significant challenges facing us in Europe and in the world today. The Summit will be highly interactive, dynamic and engaging – with presentations, interactive sessions, and hearing from some of the most dedicated and inspiring youth working in their communities, nationally and internationally.

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9h30 – 10h30 CET

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12h00 – 13h30 CET

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Shaping the Future of Europe – Welcome!

Being the Change We Want to See in the World:

Rising to the Challenge of Shaping Our Future 

Workshops & Action Sessions:

1.Creating Empowered Communities: Standing up to Discrimination, Hate & Extremism

2.Empowering Gender:Resisting Attacks on the Rights of Women and LGBTQI+ Communities

3.Speak Up! Learning How to Make Our Voices Heard

4.Solidarity: Standing with the Youth of Belarus

Youth, Politics & Enabling Solutions to Local, European & Global Challenges

Workshops & Action Sessions:

1.Confronting the Global Climate Crisis: Building ourEco-Friendly Future

2. Empowering Communities, Ourselves and our Movements Through Art!

3. How to Make Successful Campaigns: The Keys to Being the Change 

4. Solidarity: Standingwith the Youth of Myanmar

How does the future of Europe look like?

Poetry Slam – European Spoken Word Festival: Shaping Our Future!

After Hours – European Café

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Do you want to learn more about the Youth Summit or maybe you are interested in participating, collaborating or disseminating the event? You can contact the organising team by using this form or by sending an email, in case you have more detailed information or other materials to share/request.

You can also contact the main organisation responsible for the coordination of the Youth Summit: PATRIR (Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania).

The Youth Summit is organised as part of the Shaping the Future of Europe Initiative. The Initiative is part of the Do One Brave Thing project.