We CAN! Taking action against hate speech through counter and alternative narratives

This manual presents communicative and educational approaches and tools for youth and other human rights activists to develop their own counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.

It is designed for working with young people from the age of 13. Based on the principles of human rights education and youth participation, We CAN! complements the manual Bookmarks.

You can download it here.

Young Jewish Europeans: perceptions and experiences of antisemitism

The report then presents young Jewish Europeans’ experiences and perceptions of antisemitism. Finally, it specifically looks at how safe young Jewish Europeans feel, and whether they believe governments are effectively combating antisemitism.

Jewish life has been an intrinsic part of Europe for many centuries and, tragically, so has Jew-hatred. In recent years, antisemitism has been on the rise once again. When looking into how Jewish Europeans see their future in Europe in the current climate, the obvious people to ask are the young. 

You can download it here.

RAN collection of Approaches and practices

The RAN Collection of Approaches and Practices is one of the main outcomes of the network,
providing an overview of the different insights, lessons learned and practices that have come out of the network so far. It illustrates the kinds of measures that can be taken in different areas to, for example, enhance the awareness and competence of first-line practitioners, involve and engage more closely with communities, families, victims of terrorism or former terrorists, address new forms and advents of radicalisation (e.g. through an increased use of the internet and social media) and more generally establish the appropriate framework for comprehensive prevent work.

You can download it here.