Shaping the Future of Europe is an initiative that aims to bring together European youth, youth organisations and CSOs addressing polarisation, radicalisation, youth civic engagement and participation.

Strengthening European democratic culture and values of inclusion, human rights and diversity, the initiative started in January this year, as part of the Do One Brave Thing project, and includes conversations with inspirational activists across Europe, stories of change, youth debates about hot topics like anti-gender movements, conspiracy theories, fake news, collection of creative pieces, game nights and much more.

Through different online activities organised by a team of young people, the initiative brings forward the voices of youth across Europe. It also enables them to create the future they want for Europe and supports empowering youth to engage directly on key issues affecting our community. The activities are a space where youth organizations across Europe working to champion the future of Europe: democracy, human rights & inclusion, but also other participants come together, share their opinion and attend interactive events with other experts in the field. You can learn more about the activities organised so far on this page.

The initiative will end with the Shaping the Future of Europe: Youth Summit, as the final event, bringing together youth all across Europe and organisations working with young people and developing projects to make their voice heard globally, on different issues.


The European Cafés give the participants an informal space where they can understand and debate some of the biggest issues of today’s society! The activity’s purpose is to bring young people together, from different backgrounds, but with similar passions and interest in understanding the world we live in and the desire to change it!

The event usually starts with a short presentation of the topic, followed by an informal discussion about it! In the end, we want to hear youth’s opinion, we want to make the voice of youth heard! 


Many programs and opportunities have been cancelled throughout the pandemic, such as Erasmus, volunteer or internship initiatives, and with them, also their interactive activities. Therefore, when we started the initiative in January, we wanted to socialize with people across Europe and meet new friends in the online environment.

Youth Live provided a space to socialise in a healthy, safe and fun environment. Captured in different sessions, the event arranged thematic activities, from online games to cultural exchanges.


The Youth Summit will provide a platform for youth organisations and youth engaging across Europe to bring forward their voices and their solutions on the most significant challenges facing us in Europe and in the world today. This event will bring together all the efforts and ideas shared during the initiative, to shape the future of Europe.

The summit will be highly interactive, dynamic and engaging – with presentations, interactive sessions, and hearing from some of the most dedicated and inspiring youth working in their communities, nationally and internationally.

What does the youth think about this hatred and how are they acting against antisemitism in Europe? 💬 After talking about the role of women in countering extremism and radicalisation, we want to reflect upon the rise of antisemitism in Europe and how young people can combat the acts of hate related to it.

👉 Join us on the 5th of May, at 17:00 CEST, during the European Café #5: Saying No to Anti-Semitism & Hate: Youth Confronting the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe!

How much do you know about the current challenges Europe is facing? 💬 How do you envision the future of Europe? We want to hear your opinion! 🙌 If you want to contribute to changing and shaping the future of your community, we are waiting for you at the ‘Shaping the Future of Europe Youth Summit’, which will take place online, from the 13th of May.

More information about the organisations involved, speakers, agenda, sessions & registration will be provided soon!

The core ideas of the Shaping the Future of Europe Initiative and, eventually, the Youth Summit, were actually born within the Do One Brave Thing Project. We, as members of our society, acknowledged the importance of training, empowering and supporting young people. We wanted to provide youth with the skills and capabilities to effectively engage and counter current challenges such as radicalisation and extremism without resorting to violence. We want to walk side-by-side with you on a path that will change society for the better.

Do One Brave Thing (BRAVE) aims to empower youth aged between 16 to 26 years old in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to engage constructively and challenge polarisation and extremism in their daily lives in their communities, countries and in Europe. It helps youth to recognise online propaganda and develop online and offline counter-narratives through active civic engagement. Youth is key in shaping the future of Europe.

Young people have at their disposal a diversity of materials that will help them take an active role in reducing radicalisation and extremism. On the Do One Brave Thing website they can find campaign tutorial videos, interactive online guides, video testimonials, case studies, infographics and animations, guides and many other resources and publications to keep up to date. They will also have access to a free plug-in to install on all their electronic devices so that they won’t get fooled online by untrustworthy news or posts.

This project was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police. Grant agreement No: 812631 and is implemented by a consortium of different partners.